Beavercreek Nurses Partnering with Local Nursing Programs/Student Nurses

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  • December 19, 2016

Submitted by Nurse Coordinator and Licensed School Nurse, Ann Curry

The Beavercreek City Schools nurses have partnered with area nursing programs to help provide services for our students. We feel that this is a win/win partnership. It provides community health experience for nursing students, and helps our nurses accomplish the screening and teaching tasks that have been more difficult to complete recently due to increased workloads for nurses.

Nurse Coordinator and Licensed School Nurse Ann Curry worked with instructor Pamela Vaughn at Clark State Community College to assist with screening across the district. Nurses signed up for days that the nursing students were available through their clinicals. Two to three student nurses at a time came to schools and conducted vision and hearing screenings which were set up by the nurses ahead of time. These Clark State students had already completed the Ohio Department of Health vision and hearing training. Ann Curry communicated with the nurses and Pamela Vaughn, and a schedule was set. Overall, the process ran very smoothly and the student nurses were able to very efficiently and capably conduct the screenings. The School Nurses for each building will rescreen students who failed the initial screening. It is important to note that when setting up screening with a nursing school administrator, communication needs to occur at least several months ahead to allow time for the student nurses to take the ODH vision and hearing training. Since Beavercreek Schools set up the screenings for October, the process was started at the end of the previous year.

Also at that time, Ann Curry communicated with Rosemary Eustace, Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at Wright State University. It is a goal of the elementary licensed school nurses in Beavercreek to teach a lesson focusing on infection control and proper hand washing. The lesson is geared for young elementary students. It has been difficult recently to find the time and coverage for the clinics to teach this health lesson, as it is best done one class at a time due to the hands-on portion. So the nurses in Beavercreek partnered with Ms. Eustace and her clinical nursing students in October. Ann Curry visited Wright State to “teach the teachers” (the nursing students) the lesson and how it is taught. The 7 nursing students then went from school to school over 2 days and taught it to all of the first graders in the Beavercreek elementary schools. This was a huge success, with the students and teachers alike appreciating and learning from the lesson.

Beavercreek City Schools Health Services has enjoyed its’ partnerships with local student nurses. It not only helped with time-consuming aspects of our jobs, but it also created a great experience for our students and the nursing students as well.




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