Membership Classification – reference this list as you complete the form below

Active:  Be a registered professional nurse (RN) holding a current and valid license issued by the Ohio Board of Nursing, and:

New Members are Welcome

a.  Hold a current, valid school nurse license/certificate issued by the Ohio Department
of Education (ODE)–Includes temporary license

b.  Be a public health nurse contracted from the local health authority to a school district.

c. Have the administration, education or the provision of school health services as
their primary assignment.

Associate:  Associate membership may be granted to any registered professional nurse who is not eligible for active membership but who serves a school as a professional nurse.

Member at Large:  Those persons who hold a special interest in or are working with this Association and who are not eligible for any other membership classification.

Student:   Any student of a school of professional nursing not employed as a school nurse. Student membership shall not be granted to a person who has previously attained or been eligible for Active membership status. Student membership status shall not be renewed more than once for a graduate nurse.

Retired:  Any school nurse, who is a member of SWOSNA upon retirement, shall be eligible to become a Retired member, upon notification to the Association.

Corporate/Business/Professional Organization:  SWOSNA shall approve of those organizations or person who desire to support the goals of the Association and whose members are not eligible for any other membership classification.  (See SWOSNA By-Laws for more details).

Questions?  Contact current SWOSNA Membership Chair on our Contact Us page

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    Membership is for one (1) year as we are preparing to streamline membership through NASN in the future.
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