SWOSNA Presentation/Speaker List 2011-Present

Date Presentation Speaker
10/8/2009 Tween Safety Jessica Saunders, MPA
2/12/2011 Concussions Vismai Sinha, MD
5/12/2011 Sexting Julie Stucke, Clinical Child Psychologist
10/18/2011 Pediatric Bladder & Bowel Dysfunction Denise Ferguson, CNP, MSN
2/11/2012 Pediatric Cardiomyopathy: SCA Sharon Moeller, RN, MSN
4/24/2012 Burn Therapies/Shriner's Hospital Pedicatric Specialties Debbie Harrell, RN, MSN
10/16/2012 Herbal Remedies for the Stressed Out School Nurse Donna Walls, RN
2/19/2013 Genetics for the School Nurse Heather Workman, MS, CGC
5/7/2013 Opioid Addictions Ron Suprenant, MD, MBS, FAAFP
10/22/2013 Vaccine Update for School Nurses Julie Goode, RN, BSN
1/28/2014 Autism & School Nursing Implications Susan Meyer, MS, CPNP, PMHS
4/29/2014 Legal School Nurse Update R. Wynne Simpkines, MS, RN
10-21-2014 Competency in School Nurse Practice-Developing a Functional Tool Virgina Noe, BSN, Med, RN, LSN, NCSN
1/27/2015 Anxiety Treatment in Kids: A Staged Approach to Intervention in the School Setting Lisa Ziemnik, MD, FAAP
4/21/2015 Cyber Bullying and its Psychological Effects Dr. Maria Mathias
10/20/2015 Did You Know? Nursing Laws and Rules-Category A Gabrielle Karpowicz, MA, MSN, RN, LSN
2/2/2016 Trouble Shooting Medication Problems in Children Susan Meyer, MS, CPNP, PMHS
4/12/2016 Recognition and Early Management of Orthopaedic Injuries Craig Shank, MD
10/18/2016 Working Together to Keep Chronic Pain Patients in School Lucinda M. Brown, DNP, RN, CNS
1/31/2017 Managing Consussions in the School-Aged Population Lora Scott, MD
4/11/2017 Emerging Infections-What's Buzzing in My Ear? Marian Rodgers, MSN, MPH, RN
10/24/2017 School Nurses as Leaders in Decreasing Chronic Absenteeism in Ohio Schools: A Call to Action in Response to HB 410 Joan Hlinomaz, BSN, MS, RN, LSN, NCSN, OASN President Elect

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